Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

Stay in full control of your environment with high performance dedicated servers.

Pre-built instances may not be enough when you want to have maximum performance for your workload. That’s we’ve made it possible for you to build Dedicated Server instances with custom components online, delivered within 2-3 days.  After a minimum 6-month commitment from your side. The more you commit the less price you will get from our side.

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Available in 21 locations worldwide

Put your workload at our bare metal servers which are available at 21+ locations worldwide including United State, Canada , Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, France, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Japan and more..

High-speed network

Every dedicated bare metal server includes a burstable 10 Gbps network connection. To ensure the best possible network quality even during peak times, we partner up with premium ISPs such as Comcast, Tata, Starhub, Swisscom, Orange and Telekom Malaysia. Also most of our location have connectivity with popular IX which helps us to ensure low latency and high-speed throughput closer to your end users.


100% server control

With Gotipath Bare Metal, you have direct access to all server resources without any virtualization layer. Perfect for resource-intensive applications or workloads that require single tenant or non-virtualized environments!

Performance precisely tailored for your use case

Bare metal dedicated server can be an excellent solution for your organization’s IT framework.

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Gaming companies

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VPN providers

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CDN providers

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VoIP providers

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Ad-tech companies

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Trading platforms and tools

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a bare metal server?

Bare metal servers are physical servers that are reserved exclusively for you. Unlike with shared servers or VPS, you’re not sharing the server’s resources with any other Gotipath clients.

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