Content Delivery Network

Fast and secure content delivery service for accelerated distribution of content to users across the globe

Speed up websites, apps, media or live stream anywhere in the world

With Gotiapth CDN digital experience providers can ensure that content reaches consumers through the fastest path with minimal latency.

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Configure CDN for your content type in few clicks

Easily manage and configure the CDN service using a self-service web console. Leverage a complete set of configuration and reporting APIs and SDKs to integrate Gotipath CDN with internal operation management systems. We offers managed services to train and onboard administrators on the platform.

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Seamless video content streaming

Gotipath CDN can scale up to accommodate several million daily active users using terabyte-grade peak bandwidth. Cache and serve a combination of long, short, recorded and live videos to content consumers anywhere in the world.

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Web Acceleration

Your website assets (HTML, CSS, JS) files or any static file type or request, load faster for the end user’s experience by delivering the site from a distributed network of thousands of servers around the globe.
Coming Soon: WordPress, Woocommerce full website optimize acceleration from edge nodes.

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Accelerate Software & gaming

Deliver OTA updates, app install packages, game patches, VR apps and similar large files in a safe manner with low cost and high success rates with Gotipath CDN.

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Optimized Image Delivery

Gotipath CDN offers real-time image optimizations, and transformations to help developers and marketers deliver better visual experiences on the web.


With Gotipath CDN digital experience providers can ensure that content reaches consumers through the fastest path with minimal latency.


Global Network

Gotipath has 75+ Strategic PoP’s worldwide with a combined bandwidth of over 65+ Tbps. Also, we are distributing cache nodes to popular ISP and IX.


Multi CDN Support

Gotipath has an AI-Based Multi CDN Solution which has around 1800+ PoP worldwide with a combined 475+ Tbps bandwidth capacity.


Security at the Edge

Gotipath provides network-level DDOS protection. Also, you can secure your origin from unauthorized access with different access policies free of cost.


Detailed Analytics

Our comprehensive analytics guarantee up-to-date insight you need to achieve your business goals. Never lose clients due to information blind spots again.


Integration with Gotipath Cloud Services

Other Gotiapth cloud services like Object Storage, Video Transcoder, Server service can be used as CDN origin easily.



Gotiapth CDN provides competitive prices. You can use the pay-as-you-go billing method or purchase saving bundle plans based on your business requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a CDN?

In simple words a content delivery network (CDN) is geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content by delivering content to the end user from the nearest server.

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